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Chapter 11

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Horatio Morgan

Lecture 8 9/nov ← Leading & Leadership Development ← Time magazine: world’s 100 most influential people in 2012 • Maryam Durani (Kandahar, Afghanistan) o Owner + operator of a radio station that focuses on women issues o Member of the Kandahar provincial council o Recipient of the international women of courage awards from the US State department in 2012 • Pete Cashmore (Banchory, Scotland) o Founder oMashable (at 19), a popular worldwide blog • Lionel Mess (Rosario, Argentina) o Unbelievable talented forward (Argentina’s national football team) o Arguably the best player of all time • Jeremy Lin (Los Angeles, California) o Talented point guard (No.7, Houston Rockets) o Inspiration to others who are held back by prejudice + stereotypes • Viola Davis (St. Mathews, South Carolina) o Serious + soul-stirring actress o Recently received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in The Help • Sarah Burton (St Johns, London) o Creative director of the fashion brand Alexander McQueen o Designer of Katherine Middleton’s wedding dress Leading & Leadership • Professor wants to: practically examine different leadership models/styles + leadership traits using; MAPLE LEAF FOODS Maple Leaf Foods: Quick Facts • CAN’s largest food processor o Outcome of a merger between Maple Lead Mills Limited + Canada Packers Inc. (1991) o Canada Packers = traced to 1860s • Maple Leaf’s 3 major business groups: o Meat products group packaged meats & meals, poultry, turkey products o Bakery products group bakery products, pasta, sauces o Agribusiness products grouphog production, rendering, biodiesel • Employs +19,500 people • Financial highlights: $4.89 billion in sales & $82 million in net profits for the fiscal year ended Dec. 2011 • Michael McCain, President + CEO Maple Leaf Foods: Michael McCain • Born in Florenceville, NB • Son of Wallace McCain (1 of brothers that founded McCain foods, CAN’s largest French fry producers) • Michael had taken on several senior positions in McCain, but his progress ended prematurely when he + his father were driven out of the business after a family feud over succession issues • Michael bounced back in 1995 when he took over Maple Leaf Foods Inc. o Made an early positive impact on Maple Leaf Foods by “upgrading the company’s approach to leadership + management, and expanding operations + production lines” Michael McCain faces his biggest test as a leader … • Crisis: 2008l Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) notified Maple Leaf Foods that 3 of its meat products were infected by the bacteria listeria monocytogenes o 5000+ CDN consumers became seriously
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