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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Bamidele Adekunle

GMS Mini-Assignment #1 1. If I was in charge of the Asian operations or McCain, I would recommend what is done in America to make people buy fast food, which is make memorable commercials. By applying commercials with McCain fries at McDonald’s, it will help speed up westernization and it will give McCain some sales. I think that this would be very effective as TVs are in China in most middle income families and it is the best advertising technique for this market. Another big thing they can do is an awareness campaign where they donate funds towards helping citizens in China. This will set an image of McCain being a caring company. It will make people more likely to buy McCain French fries. McCain will be considered a friendly and compassionate company which will definitely benefit their sales. McCain should also try a joint venture with a Chinese corporation. By doing this McCain can make sure that they are known in the market with the help of these firms selling their products. For example, a large Chinese grocery chain can have McCain frozen fries on their shelves next to popular products. Customers will but the popular product and they will see the McCain fries and they may get interested in purchasing them. Another thing that McCain can do is a SWAT analysis. This is a technique used to assess strengths and weaknesses of the corporation as well as opportunities for growth and threats to growth such as local Chinese corporations. McCain can then use this analysis to see what they have to do to overcome competition and what they need to improve on. By following this they can surely make an impact that will be lasting in the booming Chinese market. 2. When conducting business with China, McCain must realize the many differences
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