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Chapter 1

GMS 200 Chapter 1: GMS 200 - Chapter 1

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Global Management Studies
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GMS 200
Amirmohsen Behjat

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Chapter 1: Introducing Management 1.1 Describe the current workplace environment Diversity: reflects differences with respect to gender, age, race ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and ablebodiedness. ▪ An Asset (Business imperative) ▪ Challenges and offers opportunities to employers Advantages of Diversity in Teams: ➢ Cognitive Flexibility ➢ Roles and Motivation ➢ Productive Conflict ➢ Increased Creativity Diversity Bias in a Workplace: ▪ Prejudice ▪ Discrimination ▪ Glass Ceiling Effect Globalization: Is the worldwide interdependence of resource flows, product markets and business competition that characterize the new economy. ▪ National boundaries of world business have largely disappeared. Globalization VS. McDonald’s McDonald’s  fit into the local culture ➢ Italy: McDonald’s serves Mediterranean salads ➢ Japan: serves teriyaki burgers ➢ Israel: serves kosher McDonald’s ➢ India: serves sandwiches made with mutton and chicken instead of beef Technology: Globalization runs through technology such as the internet, phones, video conferences, etc. Technology is essential. Ethics: Set moral standards of what is “good” and “right: in one’s behavior. Careers: Challenging to find the first official job, but it is also about successful career planning. The Shamrock Organization ➢ Independent Contractors ➢ Full-Time Core Workers ➢ Part Time Temporaries 1.2 Identify the characteristics of an organization Open Systems Organization: Transforms resources from the environment into product outputs. Productivity: the quantity and quality of work performance, with resource utilization considered. Performance effectiveness: an output measure of task or goal accomplishment Performance efficiency: an input measure of resources cost associated with goal accomplishment 1.3 Describe the dynamic forces that make up the general environment and what competitive advantage encompasses The General Environments: ▪ Economic Environment ▪ Economic growth ▪ Unemployment rate ▪ Disposable income ▪ Socio-Culture Environment ▪ Population demographics ▪ Education systems ▪ Health/nutrition values ▪ Technological Environment ▪ IT systems/infrastructure ▪ Broadband Internet access ▪ Natural Environment ▪ “Green” values ▪ Recycling infrastructure ▪ Legal-Political Environment ▪ Laws & regulations ▪ Business forms ▪ Political trends Specific Environment/Task Environment ▪ Customers ▪ Distributors ▪ Suppliers ▪ Unions ▪ Government ▪ Competitor ▪ Regulators Specific Environment: includes the people and groups with whom an organization interacts Stakeholders: people that are affected by an organization’s performance and for whom it creates value (Money) ▪ Stake holder Analysis: focuses on the extent to which an organization is creating value for each of its many stakeholders Competitive Advantage: A core competency that clearly sets an organization apart from competitors and gives it an advantage over them in the marketplace. 1. Cost Efficiency Lower cost than competitors  earn profits with prices that competitors have difficulty matching 2. Higher quality Higher quality products than what competitors offer  more customers 3. Better delivery Delivering faster and consistently on time  Customers will likely choose yours over competitors 4. Greater Flexibility Finding ways to adjust and tailor products and services to fit customers need in ways others ca
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