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Chapter 13

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Ricardo Reyes

Monday November 26 2012 InformationDecision Making CH13What Is Useful InformationDataraw facts and observationsInformationdata made useful for decision makingIn the new dynamic workplace individual and organizational success is being forged within workplaces that are constantly reinventing themselves with the aid of ITSociety is information driven gdigital networked and continuously evolving Career success depends on o Computer competencyability to understand computers and use them to their best advantageo Information competencyability to use technology to locate retrieve evaluate organize and analyze information for decision makingInformation that is useful to managers must be 1 Timelyinformation is available when needed 2 High Qualityinformation is accurate and reliable 3 Completeinformation is complete and sufficient for task at hand 4 Relevantinformation is appropriate for the task at hand 5 Understandableinformation is clear and easily understood Progressive managers have increasingly come to rely on softwarebrowser based applications as part of their customer service relations strategy and supply chain management The four management functions planning leading controlling organizing are driven by informationMintzberg says job of managing is significantly one of information processing esp through listeningseeingfeelingtalking Information A Strategic ResourceITacquires stores and processes informa
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