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Chapter 1

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Masoomeh Moharrer

Working Today 4122013 23100 PM What are the challenges of working in the new economyTALENTPeoples talents are ultimate foundations of organizational performanceIntellectual capital is the collective brainpowershared knowledge of a workforce that can be used to create value competency x commitmentA knowledge workers mind is a critical asset to employers and adds to the intellectual capital of an orgDIVERSITYGender age race ethnicity religion sexual orientation ablebodiednessDiversemulticultural workforce challengesoffers opportunities to employersMany call diversity a business imperative and view as an assetDiversity Bias prejudice discrimination glass ceiling effectWorkforce diversity differences among workers in gender race age ethnicity religion sexual orientation Prejudice display of negative irrational attitudes toward members of diverse populationsDiscrimination actively denies minority members the full benefits of org membershipGLOBALIZATIONglobalization worldwide interdependence of resource flows product markets business competition that characterize new economynational boundaries of world business largely disappearedTECHNOLOGYtransforming modern workplace internet WWW computer networking IT telecommutingvirtual teamingmobile officeincrease demand for knowledge workers w skills to use technologyETHICSEthics code of moral principles that set standards of conduct of what is goodrightExpectations integrityethical leadership at all levels sustainable development natural environment protection consumer protection human rightsCAREERSCore workers contract workers parttime workersPpl must be prepared to be any of these workersPpl must make sure their skills are portable of current value in employment mkts
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