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Chapter 3

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

Day 4 – Chapter 3  Culture is a set of assumptions and values that are shared by a group of people and that guide that group of people’s interaction with each other.  Organization Culture is the system of shared beliefs and values that develops within an organization and guides the behaviour of its members o Culture is firm’s personality, helps to distinguish it from others  Example : Hewlett-Packard o “When I come back next year I do not want to see that project in the lab” – David Packard o They ended up with an advanced computer system that NASA used on the first moon voyage o He then gave a “Medal of Defiance” for that engineer “For contempt and defiance above and beyond the call of engineering duty” the certificate read.  A recent study by Waterstone Human Capital of Canadian of 107 executive showed that: o 82% of executives said corporate culture has an impact on financial performance o 82% of executives said it has tangible impact on their organizations ability to recruit, manage and retain the best people  What constitutes as Culture? o Innovation and risk taking  Such as Apple and Coca-Cola o Attention to detail  Motorola – “Quality is their driving theme” o Outcome Orientation – results more important that the processes  Where does culture come from? o Founders  By acting as a role model  Ex: Akio Morita of Sony  Bill Gates of Microsof  By hiring and keeping similar employees  Strong Culture: Pros and Cons o Drives employee behaviour due to clear vision leading the high performance o It can also lead to rigid beliefs  Ex: IBM, who used to manufacture mainframe computers and did not want to shift to Personal Computers, and delayed from changing to PCs because they were not willing to diverge or change.  Elements of Observable Culture? o Stories from different sources o Heroes from the company – Who gets award/recognition/etc o Rites and Practices – Best employee of the week / month / etc o Symbols (Think of Military Organizations, medals are very symbolic of their culture) Global Culture  “Global Mindset” o People believe that cultures around the world are converging o People are same everywhere o They wear jeans and European designer fashions o They eat McDonalds, talk on Apple phones and listen to iPods Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Based on a survey of 72,215 IBM employees in 40 nations, between 1962 and 1973  Individualism vs Collectivism o The degree to which people in a country prefer to act as individual rather than as members of groups  High versus Low Power Distance o The degree of inequality among people which the population of the country considers normal. Ex: In China, a manager or superior is highly respected and this way of life is accepted and not debated upon  Masculinity vs Feminine o Degree to whic
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