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Chapter 8

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200

Organizational Structure 1What is organizing as a management function 2What are traditional types of structures3What are newer types of structures4How are organizational designs changing the workplaceWhat is organizing as a management function Organizing oThe process of arranging people together and other resources to accomplish a goal Organizational structure oSystem of tsks workflows reporting relationships communication channels that bring peoplegroups together Organizing to create structure oDivide up the work oArrange the resources oCoordinate the activites 1Formal structures aStructure of organization in its official state bOrganizational chartiDescribes the arrangement of work positions within an organization cBasics of chart include iDivision of work responsibilities iiSupervisory relationships iiiCommunication channels ivMajor subunits vLevels of management 2Informal structures aShadow organizations made up of unofficial relationships among organization memers bSocial network analysis
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