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Chapter 1

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

IntroductiontoGlobalManagementTeacher takes management principles and business principles from the textbook and puts it into a global perspectiveOur FocusGlobal Business Environment and how it impacts organizationsoWithin Organizations focusing on things such as human behaviour culture planning and strategyWhy Global ManagementIn a survey of CEOs from Forbes 100 Largest Multinational firms80 believed all business majors should take a course in global management70 believed a second language and knowledge of international affairs will benefit youFlat Panel TVsBegin as glass panels manufactured in Japan Taiwan or South KoreaSent to Mexico along US borders Macquiladora for combining with other electrical components shipped from Asia and the USoMacquiladora is a FREE TRADE ZONE excepted of importtax taxesFinished TVs shipped to retail outletsInternational Communication BlundersDairy Association from USA started a campaign in MexicoGot Milk which translated tooAre you lactatingCoors from USA started a campaign in Mexico with tagline Turn it loose which translated to suffer from diarrheaPepsi launched a campaign in China with tagline Come alive with Pepsi Generation which translated to Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the graveTextbookNotesWorking TodayTalentoPeople and their talentswhat they know what they learn and what they do with it are the ultimate foundations of organizational performanceoIntellectual Capital is the collective brainpower or shared knowledge of a workforceIntellectual CapitalCompetency x CommitmentoA Knowledge Worker is someone whose mind is a critical asset to employers and adds to the intellectual capital of the organizationDiversityoWorkforce Diversity means the composition of a workforce in terms of differences among people according to gender age race ethnicity religion sexual orientation and ablebodiednessoDiversity bias is common in the workforce although more minorities are in the workforce every yearoPrejudice is holding of negative irrational opinions and attitudes regarding members of diverse populations which sets the stage for diversity biasoPrejudice becomes Discrimination when visible minority members are unfairly treated and denied the full benefits of organizational membershipoA subtle form of discrimination is the glass ceiling effect in which there is an invisible barrier limiting career advancement for women and minoritiesoMany people agree that diversity is an asset that if tapped creates opportunities for performance gainsGlobalizationoGlobalization is the worldwide interdependence of resource flows product markets and business competition that characterizes our new economyoPeople are increasingly interconnected through news in travel and lifestyles in labour markets and employment patterns and in financial and business dealings
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