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Chapter 13

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

Chapter13InformationandDecisionMakingWhat is useful informationData are raw facts and observationsoData DOES NOT EQUAL INFORMATIONInformation is data made useful and meaningful for decision makingoData would be demographics of who buys CDs but INFORMATION would mean changing your advertising because younger customers mostly buy through the internet and they are your target marketInformation is only truly useful if its matches these five criteriaoTimelyThe information is available when neededoHigh QualityAccurate and reliable infooCompleteInfo is complete and sufficient for the task at handcurrent and up to dateoRelevantfree from extraneous or irrelevant materialsoUnderstandablethe information is clear and easily understood by the user free from unnecessary detailInformation Technology helps us acquire store and process informationHow IT is Changing OrganizationsInformation Systems uses the latest in IT to collect organize and distribute data in such a way that it becomes meaningful informationManagement Information Systems MIS meet the specific information needs of managers as they make a variety of daytoday decisionsoEx MIS system that monitors more than 500 aspects of organizational performance such as billing accuracy arrival times driver satisfaction etcIt offers many advantagesoPlanning Advantages of ITbetter and more timely access to useful information involving more people in the planning process
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