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Chapter 5

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Jian Guan

Chapter 5 Global Dimensions of Management 1What are the international management challenges of globalization Key concepts in the challenges of globalizationGlobal economyGlobalizationInternational managementGlobal manager EuropeEuropean Union EUPolitical and economic alliance European countries that agreed to support mutual economic growthExpanding to at 22 member countries with 375 million consumersThe AmericasNorth American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA Agreement for free flow of goods and services between the CanadaMexico and United StatesFree Trade of the Americas FTAAAlaska to Chileis a possibilityAfricaIncreased attention to stable countriesBeckons international businessSouth African Development Community SADC links 14 countries in trade and economic developmentReasons for engaging in international businessProfitsCustomersSuppliersCapitalLabor2 What are the forms and opportunities of international business Market entry strategies involve the sale of goods or services to foreign markets but do not require expensive investmentsTypes of market entry strategiesGlobal sourcingExportingImportingLicensing agreementFranchising Direct investment strategies require major capital commitments but create rights of ownership and control over foreign operations
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