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Chapter 2

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Jian Guan

Page 1 of 2Chapter 2Classical approaches to management includeScientific managementAdministrative principlesBureaucratic organizationScientific management Frederick TaylorDevelop rules of motion standardized work implements and proper working conditions for every jobCarefully select workers with the right abilities for the jobCarefully train workers and provide proper incentivesSupport workers by carefully planning their work and removing obstaclesScientific management the GilbrethsMotion studyScience of reducing a job or task to its basic physical motionsEliminating wasted motions improves performanceAdministrative principles Henri Fayolrules of management Foresightto complete a plan of action for the futureOrganizationto provide and mobilize resources to implement the planCommandto lead select and evaluate workers to get the best work toward the planCoordinationto fit diverse efforts together and ensure information is shared and problems solvedControlto make sure things happen according to plan and to take necessary corrective actionAdministrative principles Henri Fayolkey principles of management Scalar chainthere should b
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