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Chapter 10

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Jian Guan

Chapter 10Organizing Study Question 1 What is organizing as a management functionOrganizing and organization structureOrganizingThe process of arranging people and other resources to work together to accomplish a goalOrganization structureThe system of tasks workflows reporting relationships and communication channels that link together diverse individuals and groupsFormal structuresThe structure of the organization in its official stateAn organization chart is a diagram describing reporting relationships and the formal arrangement of work positions within an organizationAn organization chart identifies the following aspects of formal structureThe division of workSupervisory relationshipsCommunication channelsMajor subunitsLevels of managementInformal structuresA shadow organization made up of the unofficial but often critical working relationships between organization membersPotential advantages of informal structuresHelping people accomplish their workOvercoming limits of formal structureGaining access to interpersonal networksInformal learningInformal structures contPotential disadvantages of informal structuresMay work against best interests of entire organizationSusceptibility to rumorMay carry inaccurate informationMay breed resistance to changeDiversion of work efforts from important objectivesFeeling of alienation by outsiders Study Question 2 What are the major types of organization structuresFunctional structuresPeople with similar skills and performing similar tasks are grouped together into formal work unitsMembers work in their functional areas of expertiseAre not limited to businessesWork well for small organizations producing few products or servicesPotential advantages of functional structuresEconomies of scaleTask assignments consistent with expertise and trainingHighquality technical problem solvingIndepth training and skill development
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