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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - The Dynamic New Workplace

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Global Management Studies
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GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

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thWednesday September 8 2010 Chapter 1 The Dynamic New Workplace stthe 21 century has brought with it a new work place one which everyone must adapt to a rapidly changing society with constantly shifting demands and opportunities economy is global driver by innovation and technology smart people and smart organizations create their own featuresThe best employers share an important commitment they value people offer supportative workenvironments that allow peoples talents to be fully utilized while providing them with both valued rewards and respect for work life balance in organizations employees benefit from flexible work schedules onsite child care health and fitness centers domestic partner benefits as well as opportunities for profit sharing cash bonusesWorking in the New Economy networked economy in which people institutions and nations are increasingly influenced by the Internet and developments from IT new economy is also knowledge based themes of the day are respect participation empowerment involvement etc success must be earned in a society that demands nothing less than the best form all its institutions organizations are expected for ethics and social responsibility innovativeness employee development profitability and investment value when they fail customers investors and employees are quick to let them knowFor individuals there are not guarantees of long term employment jobs are increasingly earned and re earned every day though ones performance accomplishment careers can be redefined in terms of flexibilitytoday it takes initiative discipline and continuous learning to stay in charge of your own career destinyIntellectual Capital difference between being successful and being exceptional being successful is meeting goals in a good way and being exceptional is reaching your potential people what they know what they learn what they do with it are the ultimate foundations of organizational performanceThey represent an intellectual capital which is the collective brainpower or shared knowledgeof a workforceAbility to combine the talents of many people sometimes thousands of them to achieve unique and significant results New age of the knowledge workers someone whose mind is a critical asset to employersIf you want a successful career you must be willing to reach for the heights of personal competency and accomplishmentLearn from experienceGlobalization more and more products are designed in one country while their component parts are made in others globalization is the worldwide interdependence of resource flows product markets and business competition in globalized world countries and people are interconnected through the news in travel and life style
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