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Chapter 2

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Global Management Studies
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Jian Guan

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Chapter Two Management Learning Past to Present GMS Notes CLASSICAL MANAGEMENT APPROACHES assumption people are rational 1 Scientific Management Frederick Taylor 2 Administrative Principles Henri Fayol 3 Bureaucratic Organization Max Weber Scientific Management emphasizes careful selection and training of workers and supervisory support Frederick Taylors goal was to improve the productivity of people at work Four key principles of scientific management include 1 Develop rules of motion standardized work implements and proper working conditions for each job motion studythe science of reducing a task to its basic physical motions 2 Carefully select workers with the right abilities for the job 3 Carefully train workers and provide proper incentives 4 Support workers by carefully planning their work and removing obstacles Administrative PrinciplesHenri Fayol had five rules of management which close resemble the four modern functions of management planning organizing leading controlling These five rules include 1 Foresightto complete a plan of action for the future 2 Organizationto provide res
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