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Chapter 1

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Horatio Morgan

Chapter 1Introducing ManagementGMSWorking Today talent diversity globalization technology ethics careersThe Dynamic New Workplacest21 century has brought a new workplace which one must adapt easily with societyorganizations change fasteconomy is global driven by innovation and technologyhigh performing businessgreat successWorking in the new economytechnology is changing our livesIntellectual Capital collective brainpower or shared knowledge of a workforcecompetency x commitmentpeople and their talentswhat they know what they learn and what they do with itultimate foundations of organizational performance people are foundations of organizational performanceintellectual capitalthe collective brainpower or shared knowledge of a workforceknowledge workersomeone whose mind is a critical asset to employers must be a self starter someone whose mind is a critical asset to employers Globalizationnational boundaries of the world have largely disappearedno need for the word overseas because businesses operate global and meet customers and suppliers halfway globalizationthe worldwide interdependence of resource flows product markets and business completion process as improvements in technology transportation communications which allows them to be open to flows of people money goods services and information Globalized world meeting are interconnected by news travel and lifestyle labour markets and employment patterns and business dealings government worries about the competitiveness with other nationsTechnologytechnology makes life easier and fasterDiversityWorkforce diversity differences in gender race age ethnicity ablebodiness religious connection sexual orientation among workers diverse and multicultural workforcechallenges and offers to peopleprejudicethe display of negative irrational attitudes toward members of diverse populations discriminationactively denies minority members the full benefits of organizational membershipglass ceiling effectan invisible barrier limiting career advancement of women and minorities
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