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Chapter 6

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Horatio Morgan

Chapter 6 Planning processes and techniquesWhy and How Managers Plan Planning is the process of setting objectives and determining how to accomplish them Importance of PlanningAfter planning is done it creates a solid platform for other management functions Organizing Leading and ControllingThe Planning ProcessPlanning should focus on objectives that identify the specific results or desired outcomes that one intends to achieve Planning should also create a real plan statement of action steps to be taken in order to accomplish the objectives1 Define your objectives identify desired outcomes or results in a very specific way2 Determine where you stand visvis objectives evaluate current accomplishments relative to desired results3 Develop premise regarding future conditions anticipate future events4 Analyze alternatives and make a plan list and evaluate possible actions5 implement the plan and evaluate results take action and carefully measure your progress toward objectives Planning is always being done even while dealing with otherwise busy and demanding work settingsBenefits of PlanningPlanning improves focus and flexibilityPlanning improves action orientationoWe dont fall under the Complacency trapsimply being carried along by the flow of eventsoGood planning makes us moreResults orientedPriority orientedAdvantage oriented
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