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Chapter 13

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Horatio Morgan

Chapter 13InformationDecision MakingInformation Technology and Management2 must haves computer competencyability to understand computersto use them to their best advantage information competencyability to use technology to locate retrieve evaluate organizeanalyze information for decision making What is useful information datainformation dataraw factsobservations informationdata made useful for decision makingmanagement process is driven by information managers need good information all the time information that is useful in management meet these 5 criteria 1timelyinformation available when needed meets deadlinesaction 2high qualityinformation is accuratereliable used w confidence 3completeinformation is completesufficient for the task at handcurrentup to date4relevantinformation is appropriate for the task at hand 5understandableinformation is cleareasily understood by the user free from unnecessary detail Information needs in organizationsIThelps us acquire store process informationInformation and the External Environmentmanagers use intelligence information is deal with customers competitorsstakeholders such as government agencies creditors suppliesstockholders organizations also send vast amounts of public information to stakeholdersexternal environment Information and the Internal Environmentneed information to make decisionssolve problems act individuallyin teams need information from their immediate work setting from other parts of the organizationfrom the organizations external environment IT speeds up decision and helps top levels stay informedHow information technology is changing organizationsinformation systemsuse IT to collect organize distribute data for use in decisionmaking right information at the right time and right place management information systemsmeet the information needs of managers in making daily decisions offers faster decision making better use of timely informationbetter coordination of decisionactions
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