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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Product Design

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Global Management Studies
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GMS 401
Robert Meiklejohn

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GMS401Chapter 4 Product DesignProduct design determining the form and function of the productLink between design of goodsservices and success of the organizationQuality of the product is mainly determined during the designProduct Design ProcessFour elements to rapidly create new goods and services1Product approval committee PACaConsists of top management2Core teamsaCross functional teams that lead the project from idea to commercialization 3Phase reviewsaMilestones during the processprogress of core teams is reviewed by the PACbAvoids the escalator effectsketch is easier to change than a prototype prototype is easier to change than the fist production unit4Structured development processaUse of project management techniques by the core teambStructure must be just right too muchbureaucracy too littleineffective processUsual phases stages for product design1Idea generation and preliminary assessment or scoping2Building a business case3Development of product and process4Testing and validation5Launchthis team based approach simultaneouslydesigning the product and process is called concurrent engineeringSources of ideas for new or redesigned productsFront line employeeshave seen the problems in manufacturingassembly operations or service delivery systemsSuppliersrich source of ideas for purchased goodsCustomers customer service employees marketingsales employeesaware of problems with products product failures and warranty claimsCompetitorsthrough reverse engineeringRDinvolved in creative work on a systematic basis to increase knowledge directed toward product and process innovation
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