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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Global Management Studies
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GMS 401
Robert Meiklejohn

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Chapter  6  –  Process  Design  and  Facility  Layout     Process  Types   o Job  Shop   § Used  when  a  low  volume  of  high  variety  of  customized   products/services  is  needed   o Batch  Processing   § Used  when  a  moderate  volume  or  variety  of  goods  or  services   is  desired   o Repetitive  processing   § Used  when  higher  volumes  of  more  standardized   products/services  are  needed   o Continuous  process   § Used  when  a  high  volume  of  highly  standardized  output  is   required   Automation   o Using  machinery  that  has  sensing  and  control  devices  that  enable  it  to   operate  automatically   § Fixed   • Uses  high-­‐cost,  specialized  equipment  for  a  fixed   sequence  of  operations   • Most  rigid   • Good:  Low  unit  cost  and  high  volume   • Bad:  Minimal  variety  and  high  cost  in  making  changes   § Programmable   • Uses  high-­‐cost,  general  purpose  equipment  controlled   by  a  computer  program   • Good:  can  produce  fairly  wide  variety  of  low-­‐volume   products  in  small  batches   • Bad:  Downtime  when  changing  program   • Numerically  controlled  (N/C)  machines   o Machines  that  perform  operations  by  following   mathematical  processing  instructions   o Computerized  numerical  control  (CNC)   § When  each  machine  has  its  own  computer   o Direct  numerical  control  (DNC)   § One  computer  controls  many   o Good:  Small  batches,  frequent  design  changes   o Bad:  High  skill  levels  needed  to  program,  high   cost   § Flexible   • Most  customized  equipment  then  programmable   • Good:  less  downtime,  higher  flexibility   • Flexible  manufacturing  system  (FMS)   o Group  of  machining  centers  that  include   supervisory  computer  control,  automatic   material  handling,  and  robots  or  other   automated  processing  equipment   • Computer-­‐integrated  manufacturing  (CIM)   o A  system  for  linking  a  board  range  of   manufacturing  activities  through  an  integrating   computer  system   o Goal  is  to  link  parts  of  an  organization  to:   § Achieve  rapid  response  to  orders  and   product  changes   § Allow  rapid  production   § Reduce  indirect  labour  costs   Process  Design   o Involves  identifying  the  activities,  resources,  and  controls  needed  in   the  production/service  process   o Methodology:   § Define  the  production  process   § Conceptualize  the  design   § Make
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