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Global Management Studies
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Sam Lampropoulos

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Operations Management Operations Management the management of processes or systems that create goods andor provide servicesProcess series of linked actions changes or functionsThere are 3 types f processes core support and managerialCore or operational processes directly create goods andor services Support processes support core processes and managerial processes govern the systemMost of the activities performed by management and administrative employees fall into the realm of operations management airline exampleForecasting things such as seat demand for flights the growth in air travel weather and landing conditionsCapacity Planning such as deciding the number of planes and where to use themScheduling of planes for flights and for routine maintenances scheduling of pilots and flight attendants etcManaging Inventories of items such as food and beverages and spare partsAssuring quality essential in flying and maintenance operations where the emphasis is on safety etcEmployee motivation and training in all phases of operationsBuying materials fuel food parts etcSupport processes include all the italics aboveCompanies use OM to improveEfficiency minimize cost and time and Effectiveness achieving intended goalsWhy study Operations Management 1 A large percentage of a companys expenses occur in OM area improvementsmore profits 2 A large number of all jobs are in OM area purchasing quality planning scheduling inventory etc 3 Activities in all other areas finance marketing are interrelated with OM activitiesThree Basic Functions 1 Operationsdirectly related to producing goods or servicesIt exists both
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