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Chapter 2


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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 522
Helene Moore

Facts :  Trade allows nations to specialize in the areas of economic activity they are best suited to  United States and EU implemented protectionist policies  Trade helps increasing domestic production and productivity, allows a use of resources more efficient, a source of tax revenue, more product available for the consumer  More trade= richer Definition :  Mercantilism : manufacturing sector, agricultural sector and foreign colonies - I win, you lose - Population growth a good think to keep wage down  Trade of balance: difference between export and import  Adam Smith - showed that the country should specialize in the production of what it could produce more efficiently than its prospective trading partner - should produce products in which they have an absolute advantage  Product cycle theory 1) New and innovation 2) Maturity of product - Export the product - Mass production technique 3) Standardize product stage - Low cost labor that takes place in developing countries  Krugman’s model: monopolistic competition and economy of scale  Porter: Competitive advantage in international markets - Factor conditions - Demand conditions - Supporting industries - Firm strategy  Protectionism: measures a
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