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Chapter 1

GMS 200 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Globalive

Global Management Studies
Course Code
GMS 200
Bamidele Adunkele

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Mini Assignment 1
Mason Gonsalves
Section: 161
Chapter 13 Case Study
Globalive Communications Corp.: Winds of Change in the Telecom Industry
When scanning the environment, Globalive needs useful information. Use the
criteria in the section What Is Useful Information? to identify information
useful for determining the company’s decisions.
In order to make useful decisions, a company needs information that is of high
quality, relevant, convenient, timely and understandable. An example of this would
be the website Globalive created in order to get feedback and opinions from
potential consumers. This is deemed as useful information because it directly relates
to the goal Globalive has which was creating a telecommunications company that is
based on what the people want. Another example of useful information in this case
is knowing the amount of the telecommunication market that their competitors
control. This information is useful as it gives the company, in this case Globalive an
idea of the market that they are trying to get into as well as what steps they would
have to take in order to succeed in that specific market. In order for a company to
make successful decisions, they need to take into consideration many different
aspects and following the criteria of useful information can help in making these
Apply Figure 13.1 to describe the value of information to Globalive. Why does
Globalive need information and how does the information flow?
Intelligence information is the first step in determining the needs for a current or
future company. In this case intelligent information was obtained by Globalive as
they created a website for potential consumers, stakeholders, investors etc. to voice
their opinions on what a telecommunications company should provide. After
gathering information from an external environment, the next step is to use the
information and begin to brainstorm ideas within the organization. This means
sharing the information within the company and starting to let it flow throughout
the company, so they can begin to construct and build their company. This step is
called internal information, as it is the discussion that occurs within the company
using the intelligent information that was gathered before.
Discuss the value of information technology (IT) to the management roles of
planning, organizing, leading and controlling using Figure 13.4
Management’s role is generally to solve problems creatively and essentially make
decisions that they see is best for the company. The first function of management is
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