Chapter 7 - Information & Decision Making

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Wednesday September 15th, 2010
Chapter 7
Information and Decision Making
Information Technology and the Changing Workplace:
-knowledge worker: add value to organizations through intellect
-knowledge workers add to an intellectual capital: collective brainpower or shared knowledge of a
-both knowledge and intellectual capital are irreplaceable organizational resources
How IT is Changing Business:
-significant business developments of all time is electronic commerce (e-commerce) which is the buying
and selling goods and services through use of the internet
-business transactions between buyers and sellers are completed through online rather than face to face
-business to consumer “B2C” or business to business “B2B” use the internet to collaborate and make
transactions with one another
How IT is Changing Organizations:
-IT is changing organizations by breaking down barriers
-this means that people working in different departments, levels and physical locations can more easily
communicate and share information
-IT also breaks barriers between organizations and key elements in the external environment
External environment is an important role in customer relationship management, by accurately
providing information for decision makers regarding customer needs, preferences and
How IT is Changing the Office:
-organizations are doing all they can to design work settings for high performance in an environment
-instant messaging is instantaneous communication between people online at the same time
-peer to peer file sharing (P2P) connects PC’s directly to one another over the Internet
-instant messenger and other IP features allow workers to easily set up values and teleconferences with
categories while other white board and other application sharing programs encourage team
communication and collaboration
Information and the Management Process:
-information departments or centers are now main stream on organization charts
-the number of and variety of information career fields is rapidly expanding
What is Useful Information?
-Data: are raw facts and observations
-Information: data made useful for decision making
-Example: young customers do a lot of buying on the Internet while older customers shop mainly in
retail stores
-the management process (planning, organizing, leading and controlling) is driven by information, not
just data alone
-managers need good information and they need all the time
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