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Chapter 7

GMS 401 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Six Sigma, Process Capability, Dmaic

Global Management Studies
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GMS 401
Wally Whistance- Smith

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Chapter 7 – Quality Control
What does the term quality control mean?
oQuality Control is an activity that evaluates quality characteristics relative to a standard, and takes
corrective action when they do not meet standards
How is quality control accomplished?
oby monitoring and inspecting the product during process
Statistical Quality Control uses statistical techniques & sampling to monitor & test the quality of goods &
oAcceptance sampling determines to accept or reject a product
oStatistical process control determines if process is operating within acceptable limits.
Inspection is the appraisal of goods/services against standards.
The best companies design quality into the process, thereby reducing the need for inspection/tests.
Phases of Quality Control
Statistical Process Control Planning Process
1. Define important quality characteristics, and how to measure
2. For each characteristic,
a. Determine a quality control point
b. Plan
how to inspect
how much to inspect
where centralized or on-site
c. Plan the corrective action process
How Much/How Often
Centralized vs. On-site
Statistical Process Control
Statistical Process Control: Statistical evaluation of the output of a process during production
The Control Process
oCompare to a standard
oTake corrective action
oEvaluate corrective action
Variations and Control
oRandom variation: Natural variations in the output of process, created by countless minor factors
oAssignable variation: A variation whose source can be identified
Statistical Process Control Steps
1. Take periodic samples from process
2. Compare to predetermined limits
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