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Chapter 3

GCM 230 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Serif, Gill Sans, Blackletter

Graphic Communications
Course Code
GCM 230
Gillian Mothersill

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GCM 230
Type Classifications
Typefaces are classified as: serifs, sans-serif, scripts, and decorative
Serif Type Styles
Old style
Designed between 15th-18th century
The ais is inlined to the left 8:00 and 2:00 o’lok
Stroke contrast is slight
Serifs are bracketed
Head serifs are angled
Ex: Bembo, ITC Berkeley Oldstyle, Centaur, ITC Legacy
Designed in mid-18th century
Between oldstyle and neoclassical
Vertical axis
Greater stroke weight contrast
Serifs are bracketed
Head serifs are oblique
Ex: Baskerville, Americana, Bulmer, Perpetua
Neoclassical & Didone (Bodoni)
Designed in late-18th century
Also known as modern
Greatest stroke weight contrast
Vertical axis
No bracketing
Ex: Bodoni Classic
Slab serifs typefaces in 19th century
For advertising
Heavy serifs, no bracketing
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