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Chapter 5

GCM 230 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Candara, Entasis, Ogee

Graphic Communications
Course Code
GCM 230
Gillian Mothersill

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GCM 230
Candara (Gary Munch)
A humanist sans-serif typeface
Graceful entasis on stem, high-rahig arades, large apertures, ogee’d
curves on diagonals
Very readable on e-mail, web, magazines and informal settings
How is Candara Different?
Microsoft was looking for an informal sans-serif typeface with subtle details
that could not be seen on screen at sizes before the advent of Clear Type
Casual feel to the typeface
Candara featured entasis shapes (architectural detail)
Ogee was added
o Ogee: diagonals that have a subtle double curve that helps
harmonize with the entasis curve of the stems
Due to more use on screen, horizontals were made sturdier (thicker) which
resulted in lower contrast of stroke weight
Thins were made heavier so they work as type, retain their connections to
the stems, and prevent the arcades and bowls from fading
Candara works particularly well on screen
o Details like the entasis will show on screen, while the obliquely-
tried stes of the italis wo’t
o For print, letters should be kept open and clear and spaced out to
make it easier to read at small sizes
Ogee’d diagoals ad the flare of the stes aused y the etasis o the
strokes are what makes Canada unique
Other distinguishers: chancery structured italics and cursives with
Humanist-inspired romans
Candara started with very black, then thinned out
Cadara features full ligatures for f, sall aps for eah of the three
scripts; four sets of numerals (proportional oldstyle and lining, tabular
oldstyle and lining); cursive alternates for Greek beta theta, and phi; small
set of math/physics symbols
Much recommended using lining tabular for numerals but Microsoft chose
proportional oldstyle
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