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Chapter 6


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Graphic Communications
GRA 630
Natalia Lumby

CHAPTER 6: Readings A Performance Management System  A set of integrated management practices  Allows the org. to integrate the management functions in order to maximize employee potential  Helps increase employee’s satisfaction with their work and with the org. Management Practices 1. Setting and communicating clear performance expectations 2. Ensuring clear and specific performance objectives 3. Providing supportive and helpful coaching by the supervisor to enable staff to reach their objectives 4. Focusing on the accomplishment of objectives during performance reviews 5. Recognising and celebrating good performance 6. Creating action plans to improve performance, if necessary Purposes of Managing Performance  Compensation Purposes o Any compensation decisions have been made fairly  Administrative Purposes o Since a performance management system integrates a number of HR processes  Such as promotion, transfer and layoff decisions o The system provides a “paper trail” for documenting HRM process that may result in legal action  Measurement of Performance o Measures are reliable and valid  Developmental Purposes Why Performance Management Systems Sometimes Fail  The support of the top management is lacking  Managers feel that little or no benefit will be derived from the time and energy working  Managers dislike the face-to-face discussion and performance feedback  Managers are not sufficiently adept in setting goals and performance measures, in coaching and supporting, or providing performance feedback  The judgemental role of a review can conflict with the helping role of developing employees Steps in an Effective Performance Management System  Clarifying the work to be done  Setting goals and establishing a performance plan  Regular and frequent coaching  Conducting a formal review of performance  Recognising and rewarding performance o Being considered for a promotion o Being given the opportunity to work on a special project o Being praised by the supervisor o Being profiled in a business journal about a particular achievement or receiving an award of excellence  Complying with the law o Performance ratings must be job related o Employees must be given a written copy of their performance standards o Managers who conduct the review must be able to observe the behaviour they are assessing o Managers and supe
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