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GRA 741 Lecture notes for week 8.pdf

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Ryerson University
Graphic Communications
GRA 741
Diana Brown

GRA 741 Lecture notes for week 8 Managing the Process - Go With the Work Flow Logistics - The study and management of the planning, procurement, transportation, and storage of products - Originally applied to the planning and carrying out of military movements - Logistics will be used interchangeably with supply chain management - Supply Chain Management is: o Planning, implementing, and controlling all of the contractual and physical aspects of bringing a product or service from its most basic components to the end-user - Large firms also came to believe that their profits were more and more linked to their ability to cut inventory costs, especially with just-in-time delivery systems Purchasing - Ongoing buying of materials, supplies, and services that your business will need on a regular basis - The idea is that every time you buy or contract something for the business, you don’t want it to be a big decision-making exercise - The purposes of your purchasing system are: o to prevent your business from running out of inventory or supplies (you can’t make money if you don’t have the supplies needed for your service) o to reduce your costs by
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