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Chapter 1

HIS 105 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Tim Hortons, List Of Doughnut Shops, Starbucks

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HIS 105
Art Blake

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Popular Culture Chapter 1
The practices define us collectively and in distinct groups
Experiences elsewhere than home; a variation from what feels normal to you
Class Notes:
Our culture is related to the British culture because we were a British colony
Notion of power culture is influenced by people who hold a sense of power
because they know that people will look up to them/follow their doing
Example the ROM
When we think of power; we think of a white, European male; instead of a
south Asian female
Commercials always show women on cleaning products instead of men
Making strange taking a look at your culture, question it so that you can
make it strange
o This shows you how it feels to not know a particular culture
o Take the familiar and make it strange
Starbucks and Tim Horton’s
o They are both the same thing, what the atmosphere of their shops are
completely different which then makes me people feel that they are
completely different
Starbucks gives you more of an individual; you have a whole
set of different choices
Tim Horton’s gives you less choices, just a coffee and doughnut
shop; quick shop
o People where the beans are grown are not aware of the price that the
beans are sold here in North America
o Fair trade is collecting an extra dollar; referring to Starbucks
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