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Chapter 4

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HIS 105
Art Blake

HIS 105: Chapter 4 OUTLINE  October 1 , 2012 Mass production  The moving assembly line Mass consumption  From Victorianism to modernity Birth of Modern Advertising  Developing the brand  Advertising sheds its huckster image; role of WW1  How ads changed in the 1910s and 1920s Radio and advertising: selling with sound Lecture Notes  1920, the US established a consumer culture o made possible by  mass production (Ford assembly line c. 1913)  contributes to their reproduction  less as individuals and more as a consumer  mass consumption  productivity had to increase  changes that occurred was industrial production o the automobile industry boomed that change o steel, glass, gasoline, rubber  these things were needed which made them have to be available more often o price of cars went down o IE – Macy’s department store, new york city (1905 and on)  Experience of being a consumer was a leisure (ideal consumer)  Victoria to  Victorianism – way of life  Shift in values  Emphasized work  New emphasis of l
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