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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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MHR 405
Louis Pike

Chapter 7: Team Dynamics and Effectiveness A Team is defined as two or more people with a common goal who are interdependent upon each other to achieve a particular task and who hold themselves accountable to each other. A Group is two or more people with common interests and continuing interaction. Groups do no necessarily have task interdependence. Task Interdependence is the degree of task-driven interaction among work team members. 3 Types of Interdependence Teams 1. Pooled interdependence o Work individually but draw from a pool of common inputsoutputs o Eg) baseball teams, orchestra, musicians. 2. Sequential interdependence o Output of one member becomes and input of another; reliance on each other o Eg) Marathon runs from province to province 3. Reciprocal interdependence o Individuals have flexible responsibilities o Eg) tennis Types of work related teams 1. Functional Teams include employees who work together on daily similar tasks and must coordinate their efforts. 2. Cross-functional Teams same level but different work areas. 3. Problem-Solving Teams- focus on a specific issue, develop a potential solution, and are often empowered to take action within defined limits. 4. Quality Circle- small group of employees voluntarily on company time, address work-related problems such as quality control, cost reduction, production planning and techniques and even product design. 5. Self-directed work team (SDWT- autonomy members carrying out interdependent tasks and make decisions once reserved for managers. www.notesolution.com
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