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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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MHR 405
Louis Pike

MHR_C8: Decision Making and Creative Problem Solving G.A.P. Adventures (Great Adventure People) Canadian company whose innovations have changed how people travel natural travel... - classic example of creative entrepreneur who is not risk-averse and good at making individual decision as well as involving his team in joint decision making. Creativity at Work Creativity: is the ability to discern new relationships, examine subjects from new perspectives and to form new concepts from existing notions. (can be personality trait or an achievement) Can be found, and required in all aspects of business and management Individual and Org influences on creativity at work o Cognitive Processes, personality factors, and mental blocks Intelligence, knowledge skills, and others o Environmental variables Cultural and socioeconomic factors o Personality variables Motivation, confidence, and others... Influences the amount of creativity that can flourish behaviour of leaders, how org is structured, physical environment at company, the degree to which creativity is recognized and nurtured b y culture of the org, and whether there are barriers to creativity such as internal politics or criticism Cognitive Processes, Personality factors, and mental blocks Divergent thinking: individuals ability to generate several potential solutions to a problem. Associational abilities and use of imagery are associated with creativity. Unconscious processes o Dreams (essential cognitive processes) o Personality factors Intellectual and artistic values Breadth of interests High energy Need for achievement www.notesolution.com Independence of judgement Intuition Self confidence Creative self image o Others associated with creativity Tolerance of ambiguity Intrinsic motivation Risk taking Desire for recognition People in good mood are more creative and successful at creative problem solving than those in neutral mood. Mental blocks diminish creativity; searching right answer and afraid to look Creativity involves learning to open up mental blocks keeping us from generating creative alternatives Mental Blocks to Creativity right answer Following the rules Trying to be logical Avoiding ambiguity Striving for practicality Afraid to look foolish Avoiding problems outside Fearing failure expertise Believing were not creative Not making play a part of work Right brain vs. Left brain preferences Right side creativity, intuition; what if Left side logic, detail, planning; goals to complete tasks Organizational Influences on Creativity Organizational Facilitators of Creativity Leadership; encourage norms associated with increased group innovation such as support for risk taking, tolerance of mistake, teamwork, and speed of action. Org structure; can facilitate innovation and creativity Physical environment and communication; Recognition www.notesolution.com
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