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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Louis Pike

Chapter 9 Power and Influence EllisDon is a Canadian Success Story Specialize in industrial, commercial, and infrastructure construction projects. (AGO) 50 Best Employers to work for in Canada winner 93% of employees would recommend firm to friends 1996, almost bankrupt (but changed its leadership style) Giving responsibilities to employees and supporting when fail CEO Geoff Smith seeing happy people first day on job, and not screw that up for them.. help others become a leader Introduction to power, Influence, and Political Behaviour Power, Influence, and Political Behaviour: Relationship and Differences Power: ability potential of one party to change or control the behaviour, attitudes, opinion, objectives, needs, or values of another party Influence: process of actually exercising this power by affecting the thoughts, behaviour and feelings of others Political behaviour: is defined as influence attempts that are for personal gain and are not officially sanctioned by an org The Org Power Conversion Grid (OPCG): An organizing framework Power comes from 6 sources Having access to power does not guarantee that an individual will become influential OPCG is a set up to show that the cause-effect relationships between power sources, influence tactics, and outcomes are moderated by certain org conditions such as the degree to which someone is replaceable www.notesolution.com
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