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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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Louis Pike

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Chapter 10:Leadership Transformational Leadership in the Aboriginal Community (p283) - Grace Elliot-Nielson is top 100 most powerful women in Canada and most recognized BC aboriginal leader. a visionary and courageous leader who promotes justice, fairness, and equality - responsible for development of community programs that are forefront of innovation in delivery of aboriginal health and social services - The world could use more people like Grace- people who are in a position of power and dont abuse it Defining Leadership (GLOBE global Leadership and Org Behaviour Effectiveness) Leadership: ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of org of which they are members 4 different perspectives 1. Trait (or competency) perspective in born 2. Behavioural Leadership Perspective behave certain ways 3. Contingency perspective of leadership (p290) degree of fit between leader stylesituation 4. Transformational Leadership perspective degree to transform org Trait (or competency) Perspective Proposed that leaders are more likely to have certain personality, social, physical or intellectual traits than non-leaders Difficult to prove a universal set of traits(viewed as inborn) that defined leaders in every situation But competencies (learned behaviours) such as skills, abilities, values o a few associated with successful leaders include drive and energy(includes achievement, motivation, ambition, tenacity, and initiative) leadership motivation (desire to lead but not seek power as an end in itself) honesty and integrity self-confidence (associated with emotional stability) Emotional stability chapter 2 cognitive ability knowledge of the biz www.notesolution.com John Kotter (not trait theorist), identifies 4 competencies of good leaders Drive and energy*, intelligence, mental and emotional health, integrity E.g. Link Cook, CEO of Shell, is described as fiercely competitive with a steely will. Known for high energy and biz judgement. David Traversi, The Source of leadership: Eight drives of high-impact leader, drivers of effective leadership are presence (consciousness and mindfulness) Openness; clarity of thought, emotion, and behaviour; intention; personal responsibility; intuition; creativity; and connected communication Leadership agility: ability to make wise and effective decisions amid complex changing conditions has become important. Simple most important thing leaders do, is make good judgement calls. Behavioural Leadership Perspective Proposed that effective leaders behave in certain desirable ways Leaders varied in the degree to which they were perceived as task-oriented, people-oriented, neither, or both. Task-oriented and people-oriented are independent of each other. Task-oriented style (aka production oriented, and autocratic) spells out duties and specific tasks, tells people what to do and how to do it, ensures employees follow rules, and encourages employees to reach peak performance. o In earlier studies, referred to as initiating structure, because leaders with this style tended to initiate a lot of structure, so that people would have very clear directions. o E.g. Brenda Hoffman, given 6 month to do what TSX has not accomplished in 4 years (install a new, multimillion dollar trading engine to replace crash-prone CATS). She has set the tone for aggressive targets. You dont want to follow around like a bunch of tadpoles Employee, people-oriented, democratic style: shows trust and respect, engages in two-way communication, listens, encourages, gives recognition, and provides socio-emotional support to followers. o In earlier studies, referred to consideration because when this style was used, they viewed them as considerate and respectful. Many senior managers believe in the old command and control recipe for failure. Hughes believes, like Winston Hodgins, that senior mgmt has to be genuinely people-oriented and care about employee development. www.notesolution.com
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