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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Louis Pike

Chapter 3 Perception and personality Introduction to social perception Social perception is the process of interpreting information about another person It can be seen in job interviews, interviewer makes a decision in few minutes about the candidate based on perception Factors that influence our perception of others 3 major factors influence our perception of others o Characteristics of ourselves as perceivers Many characteristics of the perceiver can affect social perception For example, familiarity with the target (the person being perceived) When familiar with a person, we have multiple observations on which to base our impression of himher Perceivers attitudes also affect social perception For example, if you are interviewing candidates for a very important position in our company that requires negotiating contracts with suppliers, most of them are male, you may feel that women are not capable of the position Mood can have a strong influence on the way we view someone When in good mood, we have positive impressions of others, when in bad mood, we have negative impression of others Cognitive structure is the individuals pattern of thinking that also affects social perception Some peoples viewpoints are more on physical traits such as height, weight and some prefers personality traits Self-concept is another factor that affect social perception Person with a positive self-concept notices positive attributes in another person www.notesolution.com
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