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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Louis Pike

Chapter 11 Conflict management The nature of conflict in organizations Conflict is the perception in an interdependent relationship, of mismatched wishes, goals, attitudes, emotions or behaviours Conflict and emotion Behavioural component of emotion includes the verbal and nonverbal messages we express when we communicate Most emotional expressions occurs nonverbally through facial expressions, voice and gestures Psychological component of emotion is the bodily experience of emotion Cognitive component of emotion involves the way our mind experience an emotion o For example, the same joke might upset me while it makes you laugh Task, relationship, and process conflict Traditional definitions of conflict have identified 2 different types of conflict o Relationship (affective) conflict is the interpersonal incompatibilities and typically includes feelings of tension, anger and friction o Task (cognitive) conflict is the differences in viewpoints and opinions pertaining to group task Task conflict is evident when there are disagreements over different ideas, differences of opinions and differences about the content of decisions o Relationship conflicts tend to stop group functioning, task conflict promote group functioning rd o A 3 type of conflict is process conflict o Process conflict is the disagreements about aspects of how task accomplishment will proceed Forms of conflict Conflict is visible in many different forms and they are www.notesolution.com
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