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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Louis Pike

Chapter 13 Organizational change and development Types of organizational change Planned organizational change is the process by which organizations move from their present state to some desired future First-order change is developmental change, it is the improvement of a skill, method or condition that for some reason does not measure up Second-order change is transformational change, it is the change in which the organization moves to a radically different, and sometimes unknown, future state o It is the most difficult type of change to manage o For example, Kimberly-Clark who produces paper but transformed into paper diaper business Targets of change 4 common targets of change are o Organizations structure When companies restructure, outsource part of their operations, combine with another company are all examples of changing the organizations structure Downsizing is the intended reductions in the number of employees People who do downsizing also experience negative consequences such as huge increases in workload, a search for meaning, social and organizational isolation, and decreased family functioning Organizational restructuring means cutting staff out without reorganizing work, resulting in increased workloads for survivors o Technology Competitive factors require organizations to introduce new equipment, tools or automation o Tasks or work processes www.notesolution.com
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