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Chapter 7

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Frank Miller

Team Dynamics and Effectiveness Group: 2 or more people with common interests, objectives and continuing interaction. Team: 2 or more people with a common objective who are interdependent upon each other to achieve a particular task and who hold themselves accountable to each other. Task Interdependence: The degree of task driven interaction among work team members  Pooled Interdependence: Like a baseball team, individual members have set responsibilities and the performance of the team resulting from the pooling of the performance of the members.  Sequential Interdependence: Like a football team, everyone is dependent on each other.  Reciprocal Interdependence: Like a double tennis team, work is passed back and forth. Self managed work team: a team whose members have autonomy to carry out interdependent tasks and make decisions that were once reserved for managers. Quality Circle: a small group of employees who work voluntarily on company time, typically one hour per week, to address work related problems such as quality control, cosy reduction, production planning and techniques, and even product design. The five stage model of team development  Forming: When teams meet at first they feel discomfort and uneasiness. Everyone is polite and superficial and uncertain.  Storming: Second stage of team development, characterized by conflict, confusion, power struggles, and the emergence of cliques.  Norming: Characterized by cohesion, trust, and clarification of group roles and norms  Performing: When the team has achieved synergy and reaching full potential  Adjourning: temporary team, characterized by concern of wrapp
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