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Chapter 10

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MHR 405
Frank Miller

Chapter 10: Leadership Leadership – The ability of an individual to influence, motivates, and enables others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of organizations of which they are members Four Perspectives on Leadership: Trait Perspective:  A perspective that purposes that leaders are more likely to have certain personality, social, physical, or intellectual traits, than non-leaders Competencies – Learn behaviours such as skills, abilities, and values  Drive (Achievement, motivation, ambition, energy, tenacity, and initiative)  Leadership motivation  Honesty and Integrity  Self-confidence  Cognitive ability  Knowledge of the business Behavioural Perspective:  A perspective that purposes that effective leaders behave in certain desirable ways Task Oriented style (Production, autocratic style, initiating structure) – A style of leadership in which the leader spells out duties and specific tasks, tells people what to do and how to do it, ensures employees follow rules, and encourages employees to reach peak performance. Employee, People-oriented style (Democratic, Consideration) –A style of leadership in which the leader shows trust and respect, engages in two-way communication, listens, encourages, gives recognition. And provides socio-emotional support Laissez-faire Style - An employee-centered leadership style in which the mangers permits his or her employees to function within prescribed limits Leadership (Managerial) Grid - A model that purposes that the best way to show high concerns for results (task) and high concerns for people  Organization man Manager – is a middle of the road leader who has a medium concern for people and production. This leader attempts to balance a concern for both people and production without a commitment to either Page 1 of 3  Authority-compliance Manager – has great concern for production and little concern for people. This leader desires tight control in order to get tasks done efficiently and considers creativity and human relations unnecessary.  The country Club manager – has great concern for people and little concern for production, attempts to avoid conflict, and seeks to be well liked. This leader’s goal is to keep people happy through good interpersonal relations, which are more important to him or her than the task.  The team manager – considered ideal and has great concern for both people and production. This leader works to motivate employees to reach their highest levels of accomplishment, is flexible, responsive to change, and understands the need for change.  The impoverished manager – is often referred to as a laissez-faire leader. This leader has little concern for people or production, avoids taking sides, and stays out of conflict; he or she does just enough to get by. Contingency Perspective:  A perspective that purposes that effective leadership depends upon the degree of fit between the leadership’s style and various factors in the particular situation. “If the situation is___, then the appropriate leadership behaviour is ___.” Contingency Theories  Path-goal – Leader effectiveness is based on an expectancy theory of motivation. From the perspective of path-goal theory, the basic role of the leader is to clear the follower’s path to the goal. Must choose either one of the 4 Leader behaviour styles: o Directive style – give guidance and expectations o Supportive style – express concern for well being o Participative style – joint decision making with the followers o Achievement-oriented style – set challenging goals for followers and show confidence to followers  Fi
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