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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - MHR 405

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Frank Miller

MHR 405 Chapter 11 DefinitionsConflict The perception in an interdependent relationship of incompatable wishes goals attitudes emotions or behavioursInterpersonal Conflict A dynamic process that occurs between two interdependent parties as they experience negative emotional reactions to perceivedBehavioural Component of Emotion The verbal and nonverbal mesage we expres when we communicatePhysiological Component of Emotion The bodily experience of emotionCognitive Component of Emotion The way our mind appraises or interprets emotionsRelationship affective conflict Interpersonal incompatibilities typically including feelings of tension and frictionTask cognitive conflict Differences in viewpoints and opinions pertaining to group taskProcess conflict Controversy about aspects of how task accomplishment will proceedFunctional Conflict Conflict that is a productive force one that can stimulate member of the organization to increase their knowledge and skills as well as their contributions to organizational innovationDysfunctional Conflict An unhealthy destructive disagreement between two or more people its danger is that is takes the focus away from the
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