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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - MHR 405

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 405
Frank Miller

Chapter 6 DefinitionsCOMMUNICATION The process by which information is exchanged between a sender and a receiver with the goal of reaching mutual understandingTELEWORK TELECOMMUTING A work arrangement whereby an individual employee works from the home a satellite office or mobile office with computer connection to the main officeMESSAGE The thoughts and feeling that the communicator is attempting to elicit in the receiverFEEDBACK Any information that people receive about their behaviour or performance its effect on others or comparion to a standard or expectationNONVERBAL COMMUNICATION All element of communication that do not involve wordsWords10Tone2030Nonverbal6080SPEECH VARIATIONS PARALANGUAGE Variations in a persons speechKinesics The study of body movements including postureEMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE EQ The ability to recognize and manage emotion in oneself and othersPROXEMICS The study of interpersonal space across culturesBARRIERS TO COMMUNICATION Factors that block or signifigantly distort successful communicationLOWCONTEXT CULTURES Cultures that use languages primarily to express thoughts feelings and ide
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