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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - MHR 405

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 405
Frank Miller

Chapter 9 DefinitionsPOWER Ability of one party to change or control the behaviour attitudes opinions objectives needs or values of another partyInfluence The process of actually exercising this power by affecting the thoughts behvaiour and feelings of othersPolitical Behaviour Influence attempts that are for personal gain and are not Legitimate power Power based on position and mutual agreementReward power Power based on a persons ability to control the rewards that another person wantsCoercive Power Power based on a person ability to cause and unpleasant experienceRefernt Power An elusive power based on interpersonal attractionCharisma A personal trait that gives a leader referent power over followersExpertt Power Power based on a persons specialized knowledge or skills that another person needsInformation Power Access to and control over important infononsubstitutibilioty The extent to which a group performs a function that is indispenible to an organization and for which there is no alt providrrethical behaviour acting
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