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Chapter 5

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Kristyn Scott

FoundationsofEmployeeMotivationMotivation refers to the forces within a person that affect his or her direction intensity and persistence of voluntary behavioroParticular level of effort intensityoCertain amount of time persistenceoParticular goal directionAlthough is definition is still being debated employee engagement is defined as an individuals emotional and cognitive rational motivation particularly a focused intense persistent and purposive effort toward workrelated goalsEmployee Drives and NeedsTo understand how to create a more engaged and motivated workforce we need to understand the motivational forces or prime movers of employee behavioroDrives Also called primary needs are defined as hardwired characteristics of the brain that attempt to keep us in balance by correcting deficienciesDrives accomplish this task by producing emotions to energize us to act on our environment A few drives that are consistently identified in research include the drive for social interaction understanding the environment competence or status and defending oneself against physiological and psychological harmEveryone has drives and is born with them They are prime movers of behavior because they generate emotionsoNeeds are goaldirected forces that people experience They are the motivational forces of emotions channeled toward particular goals to correct deficiencies or imbalancesSuppose you arrive at work to discover a stranger sitting at your desk Seeing this situation produces emotions worry curiosity that motivate you to act These emotions are generated from drives such as the drive to defend and the drive to knowThe emotional reactions to seeing the stranger sitting at your desk represent the forces that move you but you channel those emotions towards specific goals
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