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Chapter 4

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Kristyn Scott

Chapter4WorkplaceEmotionsAttitudesandStressEmotions are physiological behavioral and psychological episodes experienced toward an object person or event that create a state of readinessoThese episode waves can last from milliseconds to a few minutesoMoods are not directed toward anything in particular and tend to be longerterm emotional statesTo understand emotions we need to know about attitudes Attitudes represent the cluster of beliefs assessed feelings and behavioral intentions towards a person object or event The personobjectevent which the attitude is directed towards is called the AttitudeObjectoAttitudes are judgments while emotions are experiencesoThe attitude is built from 3 partsBeliefs are your established perceptions about the attitude objectwhat you believe to be true For example you might believe that mergers reduce a job security for employees in the merged firms They are perceived facts that you acquire from experience and learningFeelings represent your conscious positive or negative evaluations of the attitude object For example your like or dislike of mergers represents your assessed feelingsBehavioral Intentions represent your motivation to engage in a particular behavior regarding the attitude object For example you might become motivated to look for another job after hearing about a merger Your feelings towards mergers motivate your behavior intentions Which actions you choose depends on your past experience personality and social norms of behaviorEmotions and attitudes usually lead to behavior but sometimes the opposite occurs through the process of cognitive dissonance Cognitive dissonance is a condition that occurs when we perceive an inconsistency between our beliefs feelings and behavior This inconsistency generates emotions such as feeling hypocritical that motivate us to create more consistency by changing on of these elementsoFor example you work at a green oil sands company that seemed to be environmentally friendly until news was published that they are creating
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