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Chapter 3

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Kristyn Scott

Chapter3PerceivingOurselvesandOthersinOrganizationsWe begin this chapter by looking at how people perceive themselves that is their selfconcept oThe SelfConcept refers to an individuals selfbeliefs and selfevaluations It is the Who am I and How do I feel about myself that people ask themselves to guide their decisions and actionsWe compare our current perceived self and desired ideal self images of ourselvesoThere are 3 components The first is the degree of complexity or the number of distinct and important roles that people perceive about themselves Everyone has some degree of complexity because they see themselves in more than one role student friend daughter sports enthusiast etcoThe second is consistency People have high internal consistency when most of their selfperceived roles require similar personality traits values and other attributesoThe third is clarity the degree to which you have a clear confidently define and stable selfconcept It is when we are confident about who we areSelfEnhancementA persons inherent motivation to have a positive selfconcept and to have others perceive himher favorably such as being competent attractive lucky ethical and importantoAlong with being motivated by selfenhancement people try to confirm and maintain their existing selfconcept This process called selfverification stabilizes an individuals selfconcept which in turn provides an important anchor that guides his or her thoughts and actionsSelfverification occurs when we seek out feedback that supports our selfview even if it isnt flattering Example Im a numbers person not a people personSelfEvaluationAlmost everyone has a positive selfconcept but some more than othersThis selfevaluation is mostly define by three concepts selfesteem selfefficacy and locus of control
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