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Chapter 11

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Ryerson University
Human Resources
MHR 405
Kristyn Scott

Chapter11ConflictandNegotiationInTheWorkplaceConflict is a process in which one party perceives his or her interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another partyoIt is ultimately based on perception it exists whenever one party BELIEVES that another might obstruct its efforts where or not they actually intend to do soConflict has many consequences some of which are outlined belowoNegative ConsequencesUses otherwise productive timeLess information sharingHigher stress dissatisfaction and turnoverIncreases organization politicsWastes ResourcesWeakens team cohesion conflict among team membersoPositive ConsequencesBetter decision making Tests logic of arguments questions assumptionsMore responsive to changing environmentStronger team cohesion conflict between team and outside opponentsConstructive Conflict is a type of conflict in which people focus their discussion on the issue while maintaining respect for people having other points of view It encourages different positions on the issue while maintaining respect for other viewpointsRelationship Conflict AKA Socioemotional conflict focuses on the characteristics of other individuals rather than on the issues as the source of conflict The parties refer to personality clashes and other interpersonal incompatibilities rather than legitimate differences of opinion regarding the task or decisionoThere are 3 strategiesconditions that minimize the level of relationship conflict
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