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Chapter 10

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Kristyn Scott

Chapter10PowerandInfluenceinTheWorkplacePower is the capacity of a person team or organization to influence othersoIt is not the ACT of doing something but it is the POTENTIAL to do sooPower involves unequal dependence of one party on another partyA countervailing power is the capacity of a personteamorganization to keep a more powerful person or group in the exchange relationship In other words the less powerful party still has some degree of power over the power holder this is called countervailing powerLegitimate Power is an agreement among organization members that people in certain roles can request certain behaviour of others Such as a boss telling an employee what to dooThey can ask for a RANGE of behaviours from others the ones that individuals are willing to engage in on requestA more subtle form of legitimate power is the Norm of Reciprocitya feeling of obligation to help someone who has helped youReward Power is derived from the persons ability to control the allocation of rewards valued b others and to remove negative sanctions ie negative reinforcementoFor example Managers formal authority gives them power over distribution of rewards such as pay promotions vacations etcCoercive Power is the ability to apply punishment For example a manager threatening employees with dismissal or an employee being sarcastic toward another coworker or threatening to exclude themLEGITMATE REWARD AND COERCIVE POWER ALL ORGINATE FROM THE POWERHOLDERS POSITIONExpert Power originates from WITHIN the powerholder It is the ability to influence others by possessing knowledge or skills valued by others There are 3 types of stexpertise that cope with UNCERTAINTY arranged in order of importance 1 being the most imp
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