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Chapter 9

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Chapter9CommunicatingInTeamsandOrganizationsCommunication refers to the process by which information is transmitted and understood by two or more people We emphasize the word understood because transmitting the senders intended meaning is the essence of good communicationoIn addition to coordination communication plays a central role in organizational learning It is the means through which knowledge enters the organization and is distributed to employeesoA third function of communication is decision making getting the information for itoA fourth function is to change behavior When communicating to others we are often trying to alter their beliefs and feelings and ultimately their behaviorThe communication process model suggests that communication effectiveness depends on the ability of sender and receiver to efficiently and accurately encode and decode information There are 4 main factors that influence the effectiveness of the encodingdecoding processoCommunication channel proficiencycommunication effectiveness improves when the sender and receiver are both motivated and able to communicate through the communication channels Some people are better and more motivate through facetoface conversations Others are awkward in person but good at communicating using a smartphone The communication is best when both parties enjoy using the selected comm ChanneloSimilar codebooksThe sender and receiver rely on similar codebooks which are dictionaries of symbols language gestures and other tools used to convery information With similar codebooks communication improves and so does it efficiency since there is no need for repetition or confirmationoShared mental models of the communication contextWhen sender and receiver have shared mental models they have a common understanding of the environment relating to the information so less communication is necessary to clarify the meaning about that contextNotice that sharing codebooks is different from sharing mental models Codebooks are symbols used to convey message content whereas mental models are knowledge structures of the communication setting
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