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Chapter 12

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Human Resources
MHR 405
Kristyn Scott

Chapter12LeadershipinOrganizationalSettingsLeadership is about influencing motivating and enabling others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organizations of which they are membersoShared Leadership is the view that leadership is broadly distributed rather than assigned to one person such that people within the team and organization lead each other as the occasion arisesMuch of the leadership work has found several competencies skills knowledge aptitudes and other personal characteristics that lead to superior performance The main categories areoPersonalityBig 5 shows they are high in levels of extroversion and conscientiousness careful dependable selfdisciplinedoSelfConceptThe leaders selfbeliefs and positive selfevaluation about his or her own leadership skills and the ability to achieve objectivesoDrive The leaders inner motivation to pursue goalsoIntegrity the leaders truthfulness and tendency to translate words into deedsoLeadership motivationthe leaders need for socialized power to accomplish team or organizational goalsoKnowledge of the business the leaders tacit and explicit knowledge about the companys environment enabling the leader to make more intuitive decisionsoCognitive and practical intelligence The leaders above average cognitive ability to process information cognitive intelligence and the ability to solve realworld problems by adapting to shaping or selecting appropriate environments practicaloEmotional Intelligencethe leaders ability to monitor his or her own and others emotions discriminate among them and use the information to guide his or her thoughts and actionsThese all point to another characteristic called authentic leadership Authentic Leadership refers to how effective leaders need to be aware of feel comfortable with and act consistently with their values personality and selfconcept In other words authenticity is knowing and being yourself
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