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Chapter 1 Notes

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MHR 405
Louis Pike

Text Chapter One NotesWhat is Organizational Behaviour OBOrganizational Behaviour a field of study that seeks to understand explain predict and change human behaviour both individual and collective in the organizational contextIt is an applied behavioural science research that improves ones ability to understand predict and influence behaviour of othersBased on scientific research but not an exact science The discipline of OB does not focus on financial capital but rather the organizations human capitalHuman capital the knowledge that employees possess and generate including theirskills experience and creativity The goal of OB is to continuously grow human capital by developing talent capacity synergy and effectiveness of the people working in themIt can look at studies form an individual a group and organization levelRoots of OBEmerged as a distinct field in the mid 1940s Grew from contributions of multidisciplines psych soc engineering antho and managementPsychology the science of human behaviour Different divisions clinical social experimental and organizational Social and organizational psych like soc deal with motivation training leadership HR planning etc Individual levelHawthorne Studies studies conducted at the Hawthorne plant of Western Electric in the 1920s and 1930s demonstrating the impact of psychological processes and peer pressure on individual behaviour performanceEngineering the applied science of energy and matter Studies at individual and grouplevel Focuses on design of work efficiency standards productivity etc Scientific Management Frederick Taylors system for using research to determine theoptimum degree of specialization and standardization for a job taskSociology the science of society Socsoc psych focus on group Focus on variety roleswithin the culture norms and standards emerging of groups dynamics codes of ethicsAnthropology the science of the learned behaviour of human beings Organization level Focuses on org culture origins of culture and behaviour patterns
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